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Celestia has lived for a long time so it only makes sense that she would have a secret organization as a last resort for multiple circumstances.

Inspired by DustyKat(19:30) and this from NCMares.

Picture from Google images.

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The Elements of Harmony are dead. Equestria is in mourning. Yet, Shining Armor knows more than he is letting on. Will Equestria ever seen the their beloved heroes again?

Triggers: vamponies in a different way; drama; implied family relationships; and other random relevant stuff.

Background Picture: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/395753885976758161/
Pony vector's from Google Images

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A simple picnic on a beautiful day with your best friends. I can't think of anything else that spells disaster, can you?

Written for my good friend MagiclyCondemned.

My first attempt at something that's not adventure or dark. Criticism wanted, if constructive.

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Twilight Sparkle finds an ancient book in her library about teleportation magic. After an experiement gone wrong she and her friends find themselves in a strange land with new friends and make some new enemies.
She must now try to find a way back to Equestria or face the possibility of being eaten alive by a new threat that lurks in the skies above.

Copyrights go to their respective owners - Hasbro, Bethesda, etc.

Picture provided by DJMoonRay.

I am very biased in the real game so any changes such as sides of Stormcloaks or Imperials are already chosen and will not be changed.

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