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With equipment granted by Princess Luna, Twilight transports a small tree from another world to study Equestria's radiant magic energy on it. Murphy's Law is in full effect.

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We all know the events occurring with Nightmare Moon 1000 years ago, but before that? How did Celestia and Luna gain their positions as rulers of Equestria?

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A C4 addict takes her friends to a warzone, Oh Octavia, what have you done?

(Written for my friends, Chad, Chase, Ian and Brandon. But more so for the first three, not really Brandon.)

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Mysteriously arriving in Ponyville, Hawk, an amnesic griffon, and his younger sister are taken in by Twilight. However, not all is as it seems in Equestria as Hawk is forced to fight for Princess Luna.

(Cover art is just Cover art. Amazing picture by Equestria-Prevails, but not entirely related to the story. If anyone can find other art that'll fit better, please drop me a line)

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