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Barely active anymore. Feel free to read my plethora of stories though. I’ll reply to any PMs I receive

Some Things About Me

Oh, look at that. Someone found my profile among the other great people here. Well, if you're reading this, welcome to the Bat Country! Evil beware, we have waffles! We also have synthetic blood drinking vampires, robot cat people, talking horses, ninjas who specialize in the medical field, and souls trapped in suits of armour. Oh, and I forgot to mention the dragons, Alien parasites (at least three different ones), laser swords with cross-guards, zombies, angels and their half-human offspring, avians, mages, assassins, very gung-ho military dudes, and Ten Thousand Fists ready to pierce the heavens with their drill.

Now for some interests:
OTP: AppleDash. I ship it like FedEx.
Best Pony: Rainbow Dash.
Favourite show: Game of Thrones
Favourite character from the above: Daenerys Stormborn/Targaryen
Favourite anime: Hellsing: Ultimate.
Favourite Band: Avenged Sevenfold.
Favourite song by them: Nightmare
Favourite writer on FiMFiction: Ezrienel and she knows it.
Favourite movie series: Alien.
Favourite Video Game Series: Dead Space.

Now for things I don't like...
Least favourite ship: RariJack. Kill it with fire.
Least favourite show: Sword Art Online. Mary Sue protagonist, weak female characters, no development (in fact, the complete OPPOSITE of development.)
Least favourite band/artist: It makes me sad to be Canadian... (not the actual name)

You can refer to me as Devs. I do it a lot anyway.


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OCs (From my own world)

1. Night "Nyx" Rain (Avian/Vampire)
2. Shane "Sharp" Munroe (Avian)
3. Blaire "Blade" Carter (Human)
4. Wither (Human/Mage)
5. Scrapper (Human/Mage)
6. Night Spirit (Avian)
7. Alucard (Vampire King)
8. Natalie (Vampire with traces of Avian blood)
9. Seamus (Human)
10. Darius (Vampire)
11. Azarus (Vampire)
12. Jessica (Vampire
13. Shisco (Vampire)
14. Ava (Vampire)
15. Riza (Human)
16. Sara (Vampire)
17. Edward (Vampire)
18. David (Vampire)
19. Sinder Köhler (Avian/Demon)
20. Kori Setsuko (Demon)
21. Ace (Avian)
22. Isaura (Demon)
23. Heinzel (Angel)
24. Strakha (High ranking Demon)
25. Vivian (Avian (possessed by Enenra))
26. Enenra (Demon)
27. Night Raven (Avian)
28. Ren (Human/Mage)
29. Sinder's mother (Avian)
30. Avamos (God of wind/Avians)
31. Thalmor (God of Thunder)
32. Ink Heart (Human)
33. Katarina (Succubus)
34. Lilith (Vampire)
35. Cendrillion (Demon)
36. Misaki (Onryo)
37. Ember (Human, possessed by Cendrillion)
38. Seth (Human)


Story Tag Changes · 4:45am Feb 4th, 2018

I leave for a few months and come back to see the tags being more restricted than ever. A max of 3 tags? What happened to it being like 6? Or just straight up as many as you want? And this is just the story TYPE tags. The series tag, fair enough. Makes sense. But I apparently have to redo a lot of the tags on my older stories. Smh my head.

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Word to The Wise...

AppleDash. If you hate it, leave now. If you ship RariJack, leave now. If you're just going to sit here and yell at me for shipping something you don't like; LEAVE NOW. I don't need you people clogging up the beauty with your unwanted opinions. So; if you ship RariJack, hate AppleDash, don't ship lesbian ponies (you can stay if you can stand reading those), think that I'm just a troll who will die off and never be heard of again, close the tab and go about your day elsewhere. Because I don't need haters. This page is simply meant to be a place where I can communicate with my fans in the comments or for people to find out more about me, that's it. Have a nice day.

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Rider best girl.

I found your page Through Shadowfall. And then i realized also where else i knew your name from. We follow each on Deviantart XD.

Thanks for following me, it means allot to me, love your profile picture and the fact you love aliens! I do too and I hope to continue giving you stories you will enjoy!

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