2 announcement · 10:06pm Oct 30th, 2013

1.)my story will be a late some chapter will be on halloween but some chapter will be late I'm sorry

2.)when my other story done. There's two story that I cant decide so you guys are going to vote on what story I should write. These story will be short not in chapters .
1.a spike shipping of applejack or rarity u have to choose which one I should write .
2.discord switch places with princesses celestia of bring princess for a day.
So vote what story should I write

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halloween special · 4:59pm Oct 21st, 2013

Okay I'm going to try to do this story before halloween comes okay.
okay this story is going to have a comady, some sappy and some romance.this story is about fluttershy not likening nightmare night cause is scary so discord try to helper her over come it. Hope u guys enjoy this story

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