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Hate me all you want. · 1:54am Oct 13th, 2014

I wish to understand why people enjoy the show "The Walking Dead." Can someone explain it to me, how people enjoy it? I can't see how good it is, especially the earlier seasons. Now, granted I've only seen the first and second seasons' episodes, I couldn't be moved by them enough to enjoy the show. The pacing was too slow, there wasn't enough emotion, and the zombies, no matter what, are too fricken slow. Why? A snail could get to the "protagonists" faster than the zombies could.

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AMA: Cadance's Paladin edition · 8:21pm Aug 17th, 2014

I'm bored. AMA time.

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Discussion: What's with the ending for Among The Sleep? · 4:10pm Jul 20th, 2014

Hi. This discussion will be talking about the ending to Among the Sleep. If you haven't played the game or watched a let's play, I suggest you do one or the other. Now, onto the discussion.

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My Top 10 Disney Villains List · 5:08am Jun 14th, 2014

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions on each of these villains. Do not be surprised if your favorites are not on here. Also, I know I'm late with the Ask Prince Crab Blogs, and my writing, which I'm both becoming lazy on because procrastination.

Very sorry, with love, Paladin.

10. Lot'so Huggin' Bear

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Some news · 3:24pm Mar 22nd, 2014

Remember how I said I'd NEVER use GDocs?

Yeah, guess what I'm using to co-write a fic, right now? I've grown on GDocs...

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My Little Wonders: Lion King Two being bad. · 12:43am Feb 15th, 2014

My Little Wonders: Lion King Two

What's so wrong with "Lion King Two: Simba's Pride"? I enjoyed this movie so much, it makes it into my top ten Disney movies list. Although there were many new characters we (obviously) never saw before, such as Zira, Natu, Vatini, etc., we were at least given a backstory about them. I loved this movie, as I've said, and I still own the VHS copy that was released.

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I can't take it anymore... · 10:56am Feb 9th, 2014

*breaths in and out* Never thought I'd have to do this...

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Oh dear lord! What did they do?! · 1:53am Jan 19th, 2014

Just watch the first skit you see! Only that! By God, that scared the living crap out of me! Go to 51:03~

My only question is:

Even if Canada had nothing to do with it!

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Aight, here's the jist of it all. · 12:57pm Jan 14th, 2014

Hey everyone, gotta make this short. I'm taking a break from writing shipping. Now, hush now. Hush dears, quiet dears. This will only be temporary, but the time of which this break will last is not exact. Silver Scales of Love will be on hiatus until further notice. I've been focus on shipping too much.

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My Little Reviews: Rarity Takes Manehattan. ((Spoilers, DUH)) · 7:02pm Jan 4th, 2014

OK, so I'm watching the episode, and Rarity's already pulled her beauty as a weapon on Spike. The gang's at the train station in Ponyville, and Rarity's telling her friends how she's got them all tickets to a sold out musical. God, wonder how much she paid for tickets that are sold out. Everypony's ecstatic, and then the regular theme rolls in.

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