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Cadances Paladin

Fucking Delete Me lmao

DeviantArt: Cadance's Paladin

I am her majesty's royal paladin, and personal body guard! I am her sworn protector, and also the protector of the Crystal Empire! I will explain how her majesty truly is, but I will do it from here and there only.

Also, just gonna say this now: I'm a guy, so please don't mistake me for a female person, because of my profile name/pic.

And now, witness the fury of a Timelord!

Oh noes, Skulltons!

Hey hey hey

The Super Duper List of Super Duper things to accomplish:

[] Get Akumokagetsu, Draconian Soul, or Deluxmagnum69 to follow me. Will I accomplish this?

[] Get The Clopist to follow me.
[] Finally read the chapter of Mares: Heated Moments that "I'm" involved in.
[] Get Mr.101 to favorite one of my stories.
[] Get Mr.101 to follow me

[] Take over the world!

Alright, alright! Jeebus Crist, Caesar!

[] Figure out what foxes actually say...

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Greeting's Princesse cadence i am KING OCULOUS of WOLFENSTEIN CASTLE and I come asking for help with a problem and I need help from all four princesses

Comment posted by SLASH AN ASSASSIN deleted Sep 17th, 2018

1398303 These questions:

Sorry, you seem to of misunderstood me. By "she" I meant canon Cadence, not TI Cadence. And by "her", I meant TI Cadence.

Then what would she do?

It was my response to this response:

Well, first off, she'd stay calm and collected and try to resolve the problem. She wouldn't go raping somepony.

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