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The slightly insane brony out to just have fun and hope to get a little praise along the way. Nice to meet you!

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This is the story of VortexTslon, a young and adventures brony. He is taken to Equestria by Discord to stir up a little chaos as his aprentice. Wether it be for better or worse. Chaos is as chaos does. And chaos is very unpredictabl, just like this story.

I'm just writting this cause i can. Hope you all Like it. If not, I'm still gonna write it.

Chapters (4)

A black gryphon named Talon becomes a Dj after adopting a foal and moving to ponyvile. Along the way, he will make a few friends and even find love. He also manages to balance everything with his other job with the ponyvile weather team.

Chapters (4)
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