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The slightly insane brony out to just have fun and hope to get a little praise along the way. Nice to meet you!


Feels Good to be Back! · 8:22pm Sep 22nd, 2015

Sorry for the disappearance everyone. I was getting my schedule fixed up for a bit. Just recently started college back in august and I've been running around since then. Saying goodbye to a few friends as they leave for the military and dealing with death in the family. I will have you know that I fully intend to make Displaced Harmony: TEB the first fic I ever actually finish so no worries there. in fact, I've just recently began laying the ground work for some new chapters over the last few

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Updates Inbound · 6:58pm May 26th, 2015

just got through with graduation and still dealing with family celebrating me graduating from high school. I currently have the next chapter for Displaced Harmony: Tale of an Equestrian Badass finished but not edited yet and I'm about to begin work on the next chapter and will post both tomorrow probably. Probably not gonna be edited at first but an edited version will show up if it actually becomes necessary. if you don't know, this story is manly because I wish to get back into the swing of

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4th chapter up · 3:06am May 14th, 2015

Yo, hey, forth chapter is up guys. Hope you all enjoy it. I'd like to thank you all for giving this story so much love and i hope that someday ill be taking an interest into one of your stories as well. Till the next chapter, have an awesome life.
~Vortex Out~

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I'm Baaaaack! · 10:08pm May 7th, 2015

Hello to anyone who actually looks at my blog posts. Vortex Talon is back baby!... No seriously, I'm back. And I'm hoping back in with a brand new story, I really do hope you guys actually enjoy it. I will be working on this protect from start to finish since i have never truly finished a story before, so that's the big goal here. I hope you guys give it a read.
~Vortex Out~

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Took me long enough · 9:44pm Aug 23rd, 2013

Finally posted an update. It's been way to long since I updated anything. Anyways, I'm going to be doing a complete overhaul of Talon the Gryphon Dj. I'll try to update more often, but I make no promises.
~Vortex out~

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Future of Vortex the Dragon and Talon the Gryphon DJ · 5:20pm Apr 5th, 2013

ok, ill be straightforward with this one. How many of you actuely wan tme to continue these two stories. If you guys want me to continue, I'll work non-stop till I get atleast two more chapters for each of them. Ill get some prereaders and editers and do my best to pull something off something good. If no, ill remove them and passively work on them as I redo them. your choice.

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Vortex the Dragon Update! · 11:22am Oct 29th, 2012

Hey there everybody. Just posted an update to Vortex the Dragon. It's suppose to replace the first three chapters, but if you all dont like it, then I'll take it bakc and get back tot he drawing board. Hope you all enjoy.
~Vortex out

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VGHS · 2:59am Jul 24th, 2012

Yo, what up bronies. Here's a little somethin for yall. The best born series I,ve ever seen. You got to check it out.


Its good to be back so i can finaly finish up a few things.

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The Tale of Nightburn · 6:04am Jun 29th, 2012

looking for some helpfully ideas on how to iprove my first few chapters without affecting my more recent chapters.

all help is apreciated.

now i leave you with this amazing pic.

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Meta Raven · 7:44pm Jun 19th, 2012

I'm writting a new story and will bring this one to you in atleast a month, due to the fact that i need to update my other stories aswell. I'm looking for others to join me on this story. Preferably ppl who are good wit hero crossovers and/or fight scenes. This will be a colab with no more than four ppl. Each with their own Oc for the story. I look forword to workin with you.

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