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Thank you for faving Pie Am Bread. I hope to entertain you more in the future!

992083 You're quite amazing at what you write in general. And I like your situations. All in all, you're a great writer.

Thanks for the watch, man. What drew you to my stuff?

863935 Stars, quite oddly enough, is one of my more experimental works. Regardless, I'm glad you find me interesting at any rate, and I hope you continue to enjoy the works I put out.


You're very welcome! My reason for following you in truth would be a lengthy trail of finding authors that I'm interested in, you happened to be one of those authors who was liked by many of the other authors I was watching and following and your stories were, in tandem, apart of their favorite works.
Though that makes it sound as if I didn't care for any of your stories, which is untrue, I looked thought the stories you'd penned and found the premises therein very promising in one or many aspects, at the moment I'm busy on one story that I'm enjoying quite a bit; but after I'm done with it, I intend to read through one of yours entitled 'Stars' which looks to be quite the enthralling read.
Point is, you looked promising in more ways than one and I like well-written stories, which it appears as if you've penned a myriad, can't wait to read them!

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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