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Years after the first attack, the changelings are starving. Cast out and cut off, Queen Chrysalis has no choice but to lead a desparate assault in the heart of Equestria before her people starve to death. But as the invasion begins, she discovers a young changeling already there.

Iris was raised by the princess. She has friends, family, a life, but when she is thrust into the middle of an imminent war, she must learn what it truly means to be a changeling and save the ponies of Canterlot from an enemy they thought long defeated.

Pre-readers: Gandalf the Sparkle

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When Applejack is bedridden, Granny Smith passes the time by telling an Apple family story, a story of the love between a cowpony and a farm hoof.

- Something I wrote on a whim.

Editors: Slip Kid, Lunamoonthroat, Gandalf the Sparkle

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