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Meh · 1:23pm Apr 30th, 2012

Thought stuff through long and hard the last couple days and...
Welp, I'm growing bored with writting in a pre-existing world, as it turns out.

I've been going through what I had planned for NdTp with a different perspective, of late, and there are a few things that a vast majority of the readers will probably dislike.

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Alrighty, new idea. · 5:33pm Apr 24th, 2012

Everything apart from prologue goes down for an... Undetermined amount of time.

New idea, kinda. Good thing I got it here, because I'm about at the point where it really branches off from what I've already written.

So now, it's a matter of making tiny adjustement all over the place to make it fit the new idea, yay.

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Chapter 1, off for a while. · 9:20pm Apr 23rd, 2012

Need to bring the nerfbat to good ol' North.
Will probably be back up in a few days.


"You ready for a beating, friend?" I asked with a crooked smile.

North looked at me with a flat stare. "It's your own fault for making me so OP... Why should I be beaten for your incompetence, eh?"

I just shrugged. "Cuz I'm not big on self-inflicted punishment," I replied airly before taking a step forward. "Now bend over..."

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EQD · 11:57pm Apr 21st, 2012

Welp, sent my story to EQD.

Funny, how I'm more nervous about this than some exams I've had in the past.

Sour about life xD I hope they'll answer quick (knowing my luck, that's unlikely) so I won't have too many sleepless nights.

Need to remember to breathe... ><

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Aw yeah! · 12:16pm Apr 14th, 2012

666 total views on NdTp!

Me gusta el symbolismo (?) :D

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Face-lift · 6:21pm Apr 12th, 2012

Going through every chapter of NdTp to give the whole thing a little bit of a face-lift and get it up to date with my current skills.

It's gratifying to see I actually have a lot of correction to bring as opposed to when I pumped them out and considered them to be pretty spot-on perfect XD
Proves I've made some progress in the meantimes.

I wonder how I'll react upon looking back at this face-lift in a couple months when I'll have, hopefully, improved a little bit further.
Good stuff.

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Yay, cover art! · 1:13am Apr 1st, 2012

Finally got meself a cover art for NdTp!

Credits for that amazing piece of art goes to Mazepony from Deviantarts (http://mazepony.deviantart.com/)
Go over there and give her some words of congratz for the amazing work :p

Peace out!!

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Dat prologue. · 12:51pm Mar 18th, 2012

Howdy y'all!

It's never been a big secret, but my prologue was really the part that hurt in my story.
It's lack of a solid hook and reliance on the thoughts of a rather erratic character as well as the reader's natural curiosity over what happened during his reign just made it bad at catching the eyes.
Also, shit paragraphing in some spots.

At some point, I tried to rework that, but after numerous re-reads of it, I just couldn't see anything I could improve.
That's changed.

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Greetings! · 12:39pm Feb 9th, 2012

Welp, here I go. Throwing myself up to the sharks, so to say.

Poster the prologue of the fic I'm currently working on. Nothing too fancy there.
Chapter one will soon follow, I think I'm gonna go into a regular publishing sort of routine.

Post new chapters on mondays or something.
Expect chapter one next monday, anyway.

Nothing else to say, really.

Yours Truly,

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