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Love is a marvelous thing. It could be stronger than steel and eternal like the time itself. Sometimes, love makes a pony to take the most painful and difficult path for the good of her love. A pony like Applejack.

She loves Twilight more than anything. But, when she realizes something that make her fears for the alicorn's future, she does what she thinks that is right regardless of her own feelings: Leaving Twi to protect her.

However, not only the feelings between the two mares are very strong, but also there are some friends that believe in their love and they will do something to bring back the two together.

My entry for the TwiJack Contest #1: Hearth's Warming

Thanks to my proofreaders Jake R, gwg, LunarLover and TwilightFox.

Cover design by my friend Aran Slayder

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After a long time, Princess Celestia of Equestria is finally prepared to confess her love to Twilight Sparkle. But, the day she chooses to do it, she discovers something unexpected that leave her in pain. How will the Princess of the Sun reacts? What will she do?

Inspired by Parchment and Port, by Anonymoose.

This is my first fic. And I thank to prereaders and proofreaders. Seriously, I'm very grateful for your help! ^^
Prereaders: Anonymoose, Luminary, Tchernobog, Steel Resolve and Rocinante.
Proofreader: I HV NO FEAR

Chapters (1)
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