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Merry Christmas! · 10:29am Dec 25th, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hearths Warming Eve, etc, etc, to all of you! ^^

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Update and decision · 11:31pm Nov 6th, 2014

Hi everyone ^^ Here's the new update about "Main Event" ^^

First the good news: I found a third proofreader, Twilight_Scratch, to help my with the fic. Also, I found an editor too, NorthernWing. So I hope that together with my other two proofreaders we could improve the story ^^

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Aaaaaaaw, yeaaaaaaaah!!! · 10:06pm Oct 22nd, 2014

It's here, finally. After three months of making all of you wait, the second chapter of "Main Event" is here!!!

I hope that I wouldn't make you wait so much for the thir, boys and girls, I really do ^^ Enjoy it!

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At last, an update. · 10:33pm Oct 19th, 2014

Hi, everybody ^^ It's been a while so I'll go straight to the point.

I had a job now that keep me out from home almost half of the day. Also, my girlfriend had come to my town to live finally and we had been busy with her searching for a job, cleaning her house, etc, etc. A lot of stuff.

I also had a breakdown this past Friday because with the new job (it sucks, by the way) I almost don't have enough time to do anything, even taking a look in here.

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Update and request · 9:14pm Sep 9th, 2014

Hi everyone. Here's the update, boys and girls:

- The good news: I have a new proofreader, ward282. He's helping me a lot revising and editing the already posted chapters and the future ones I hope.

- The bad news: I'm doing a training for a new job and I'm out from my house almost half the day (12 hours). When I start the work, is going to be almost the same, so it's going to be hard to advance the story. So, please, be patient.

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Update on "Main Event and an anniversary · 7:39pm Aug 4th, 2014

Hi to everyone!!!!!! First of all, thanks to everyone who is following and thumbs up "Main Event". Love you, guys

Now, let's go first to the news about the story.

- First: The second chapter of "Main Event" is already transcribed on Google Docs, waiting for the proofreaders

- Second: The third chapters sketch is already finished!

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FINALLY! IT'S HERE! · 11:41am Jul 14th, 2014

After weeks and weeks of looking for a proofreader. After suffering, loss of patience and sweat. After all of that, it's finally here.

My new story.

Main Event

Please, enjoy it, my friends ^^

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5th Entry: Another update · 10:07am Jun 16th, 2014

Hello again, people. I have good and bad news. Let's start for the good news.

- I finished yesterday the first script of the 2nd chapter of my new story. Maybe it's around 3.000 words, I 'm not really sure. But it's finished and that's what matters.

- I decided to divide the first chapter a bit to make a prologue. I think that like that it would look better.

Now, tha bad news.

I can't find a proofreader.

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Fourth entry: I'm afraid I have some bad news. · 9:14am May 8th, 2014

Ok, boys and girls, here's the thing. Remember when I said in March that the first chapter was written and waiting for a proofread?

Well, it stills waiting.

My proofreaders are busy, that's what they told me a few weeks ago. So I only can't wait for now while I continue writing this story (second chapter's draft it's almost finished).

However, if anyone wants to take a look at the first chapter and even let his comments on some mistakes on anything like that, here is the link:

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Third entry: Updated · 11:33am Mar 27th, 2014

Hi everypony ^^ Time to update.

The first chapter of my new story, "Main Event", is already finished. In fact, I finished it two weeks ago. Now, I'm waiting for the proofreaders to revise it before I'll post in FiMFiction. So, stay tuned!

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