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One day, patriarchal, invading caribou decided to enslave all the females on Equestria, intent on taking over it.
In an alternate universe, they won—somehow—, but this is not that alternate universe, this is madness compressed in chapters with the word 'parody' written all over it.

Get a hold of your mouse, because the 'sex' tag only means nakedness and nothin' more. Ahoy!

This is no hatin' fic, nor a fix-it fic. Just dumb ideas 'bout the FoEverse in written format. While I find angry rants amusing, I will not accept heated arguments in the comments. Seriously, get off the high horse.
Feel free to suggest ideas.

The chapters are not connected to each other (unless specified) and they're mostly about how the Fall fails in a way that makes me squeal in delight because of its sheer ridiculousness.

I was bored and trying to kill my writer's block, sorry not sorry.

Chapters (9)

Twilight Sparkle casts a spell in a foreign language, unfortunately, things don't go well and she ends stuck up in the White Void; an empty and endless white space, accompained with Rainbow Dash.

However, questions start invading Rainbow's head. What were her friend's intentions to cast such a powerful spell? Will they get out of the Void or will they lose their sanity in it?

Tags and categories will be changing as the story updates.

Inspired by the story Austraeoh (though it will differ enormely).

P.S: They didn't catch the reference with the short description. Brbrbrbrb.

Chapters (9)

After an apparent failed spell, Twilight starts to experience some strange sensations. Nothing is really to worry about, until her fur becomes gold.
Twilight doesn't know how to cure it, nor even know how it all started, but she has the feeling that, if it doesn't stop now, things will end bad.

I told you, why didn't you stop me?

I'M SORRY. Actually, not.

Chapters (3)

A long time ago, Twilight Sparkle, former Princess of Friendship and Magic, was banished to the Land of Twilight, a plane of existence where the Sun and the Moon stay in opposite places in the sky; never setting, always watching their only prisoner.
However, after one thousand years of imprisonment, the magical seal holding the plane together breaks and Twilight is set free... into a world that no longer remembers her, neither does she remember it.

Confused and lost in a mysterious world, and with ponies of dubious intentions aiding her, Twilight will have to find the only pony who can help her. And the only one she remembers.

This story is suffering 'rewriting'. Everything will be destroyed cleaned, some chapters will go into the trash and others will pop up and replace them, like changelings craving love. Characters will be wiped out of existence, orange ponies will be reduced to normal level of badass-ness and [DATA EXPUNGED].
Jesus Christ.

Chapters (3)

This fanfic needs editors and pre-readers!

Fluttershy has been throught many bad experiences, having lost her little best friend, Angel, Fluttershy fell in depression and none of her friends can't help but watch how she become more and more distant...
...until she found a very special book.

Now, with this new level of power, she doesn't have to go throught lost again. Never.

Chapters (2)
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