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I'm a freelance artist who enjoys creating Twidash (and others) stories in her spare time :D

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A MLP series of short tales, related to the main 6 and their friends! Magic, friendship, love, and tons of fun! Find out what the girls are up to when they are together and want to play!

That was just the promo guys. now, to the real point.

Here you have my first fanfiction for MLPFIM that MAYBE will include some EG stories as well, depending on my mood, these chapters will be uploaded as far as I get the time, so no date in particular. All the chapters are one shots, no relation between one another, unless they do remember something from the previous chapters of course, what will happen for sure. Pretend you're watching a new season that will never be released ^^

The chapters will be listed with a short description in here, so this section here will be modified constantly. The stories go around the main six, most of them are just two or three of the main six, sometimes it will involve the Princesses, Spike, the CMC, or another random Characters, including my OCs from my Ask Blog :D
Cover art will be added another time, just let me finish it please OwO

I hope it all works as friendly as possible, so we can get a great time ^^

Now, let's begin, shall we?

1. Rainbow Crash...: ... And how she got a reading day with Twilight every week...: Twilight is ready to start her favorite activity: READING, when out of the blue, her pegasus friend decided to pay a visit to the library... through the roof...

2. Puffy, Cutie Cloud: Just a little interaction between Me, Dash, and the cloud she was lying on...

3. It's Over...: No matter how hard they try to deny it, it was over for Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash...

4. A Roll on the Hay: Just two cute fillies having fun together...

5. What's so interesting anyway?: Pinkie saw something, but what?

6. One More Try... : Probably the biggest challenge for Dash, AJ And Rares...

Chapters (6)
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