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I'm a freelance artist who enjoys creating Twidash (and others) stories in her spare time :D


[no title] · 5:38am Mar 13th, 2017

Hello guys!! :D

Just a quick reminder that I'm still alive, just my internet being a jerk against me since ends of January.

Anyway, I hope this month I can re-start posting stuff, also, I made some editing on my story, it's only the first chapter, but I'll go through the rest of them pretty soon, just minor changes *change one or two words, add a few letter here and there.

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Updates around here · 7:32pm Jun 1st, 2016

Hello everyone! :D

I know I've been quite absent around here, and I apologize for that, but I've been rather busy.

Now, I'm working on a story that I'll try to post this month this story is a whole new one, not a chapter of the one I already have.

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Big News, Guys! · 10:31pm Apr 27th, 2015

Hey there everypony!! :twilightsmile:

Thank you to all new watchers!! :heart:

Now, to serious business:

1. My laptop is officially dead, and as its last good bye, decided to erase two of my folders, one of them with a commission that I have to work from cero now ##¬¬

Good thing, new one!! :pinkiehappy: but I owe money now =w=;

2. In sight of my constant lack of activity around, well... everywhere! I swear, I have too many sites, and I barely post these days!! D:

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Hello Everypony!! :) · 12:22am Dec 26th, 2014

Well, this is, kinda awkward ^^;

Sorry, this is the very first time I post in here :)

Anyhoo! First, I want to thank my very firs followers here!! I really appreciate it, guys :)
And, now to the point: I'm not that good in writing on english, but I will try and do my best, so, in hopes to get more often around my sites, I'll try to add new chapters/stories more often, if possible, every two months *depends on my schedule for work :D*

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