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I get bored every now and then so i start thinking random stuff. To keep from forgetting them i right them down.


Sorry · 8:25pm Aug 21st, 2014

I can't really continue A New Day. For one, my mind turned to a different changeling story. Second, like Rarity my muse escaped me. I am truly sorry for those reading it and enjoyed it despite the grammar mistakes.

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Hello · 12:52am Mar 2nd, 2014

Good day everypony, I am Aligon of the dragon kingdom. I love flying, eating sapphires, and writing stories about the ponies in the other kingdom. My mother rules over the dragon kingdom as Queen Scarlet. My father, Cobalt, is a unicorn ambassador who came to the dragon kingdom. That was sixteen years ago. Now my mother rules over the kingdom with my father by her side.

Now you know who I am. So who are you?

(Respond ponies, please)

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