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Having the desire to finish what Nightmare Moon had started, a unicorn by the name of Teddy comes to Ponyville in hopes for his multiple plans. While going behind his newly-made friends' back and building a weapon, he attempts to adjust to a social life. His broken mind gets in the way as he messes up relationships, and his obsession is pushing him more and more to insanity. It seems to be a classic story of a villain trying to overpower the mistress, when the knight in shining armor comes to save the day, but is it?

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Blind, the book mentioned in Struggle II. This story marks the beggining of The Reign of Redeye. Redeye wakes in the Everfree forest and loses his mind due to the red eye curse. This curse is caused by demented machinary that replaces an eye that had been plucked.

Part 1 of this fic is entitled War and Peace. Part 2 is entitled Barnageldin. The story of Redeye

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Book two of Love and Death.

After watching the seaon 2 finale, I noticed how closely related it was to my fanfics and rps. So close, in fact, I decided to write a fanfic of what my characters' roles were. More about Frank's past is revealed as he fights Chrysalis and a character named Areceus steps in.

Have fun reading Struggle II

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Tex wakes up near death. He turns into a pet and gets to travel around the ponies, being thier pets. Awesome!

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As if waking up in Ponyville the size of a bug was bad enough, an old enemy returns and tries to kill you. Luckily, you have powers,

You almost die multiple times. WARNING! Ends in cliffhanger!

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