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I'm just that guy who hated the show, then sorta liked it, then realized that he was a brony and freaked out. Then realized that there was nowhere else to post fiction. And so here I am.

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Once, there was a terrible evil.
The Hexagon.
It was defeated, but it foretold the coming of a far greater evil.

By the way, if you can't tell, it's a crossover with Super Hexagon, which I have been a bit too addicted to.

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Twilight eats a peach.
Well, multiple actually.
And weird stuff happens.

I'm so, so sorry.

Thanks to this guy for prereading.
Blame this guy for everything.

Terrifyingly terrible cover art by me. And GIMP.

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Richard Chen was just your average closet brony. You know, the kind that likes MLP, but knows that the only way talking horses could exist would be for them to be in an alternate universe. And since it's impossible to travel between universes, he's not afraid of a pony invasion or anything.

Well, he was right about one thing. Just not the other.

Teen for swears. And maybe some mild gore, but nothing too serious.

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