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"Normal" · 1:46am Jul 5th, 2014

(Oh hey I did another one! Well, I've got other parodies but the longer it has been since I made them, the less I like them.)

original = "Royals" by Lorde

We still get out and play 'round in the snow
But then we turn on the TV, watching ponies
And we're all proud to like the show
We are nerds it's true, no fandom envy

But everyone is like faggot, manchild, creepy child molester
Get out, grow up, it's for girls, they pester

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I hope that you had a good Veteran's Day. Thank you for your service, and know that you and your compatriots are in my thoughts and prayers.

Every person who makes the choice to serve their nation is worthy of recognition.

Be it in combat or far from the front lines, be it in logistics, communications, or command, be it in any form and branch of service, every person who served deserves to be told that they are appreciated.

You are no different.

Happy Veteran's Day, Teabee.

Thank you for favoring Millennium Wake, part II

That song... :rainbowkiss:

Hey, hey! Why the hell are you following me?! Get the hell outta my bushes before I call the cops!


Thank you so much! Honestly, I'm humbled that you feel me worthy of your attention. I promise to do my best to continue to earn it. :twilightblush:

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