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Old Man Dusters

British actor, filmmaker, and author of The Titan's Orb, I'm also a YouTuber known as Old Man Dusters. I love noodles.


The Titan's Orb: Book 3 - Update #2 · 2:16am May 1st

Hey again all!
Just touching base so everyone knows I'm still alive, and that the 3rd book is well on its way.
It'll be seeing the light of FIMfiction soon enough, don'cha all worry!

In the meanwhile, I wanted to make a big ol' announcement for my other content.
One of the reasons why the third TTO is taking so long is because I've been working on a really big YouTube project for the past year and a half, which premieres TODAY at 8:30am UTC.

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The Titan's Orb: Book 3 - Update #1 · 6:56am March 19th

Hello everyone!

It's been a while, so I thought I'd just put out a little update so people know I'm still alive.
Been super busy finding my feet as an independent adult since moving to New Zealand.
That, and adjusting to married life. :rainbowwild:

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Big Changes to My Future · 4:34pm Jun 22nd, 2018

Hey everyone!
Callum here.

So, the last blog post I made was a rather big one, ey?
As said before, 2017 fed me a lot of stuff, and it's certainly changed the course of where my life goes.
This is down to the woman I met last year, whom is now my fiancee.
To many, the name Jenny Hitt would mean nothing.
But to me, it's my everything.
Ew, romance, grim, right?
Well, yes.
But it's kept me alive. :rainbowlaugh:

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Happy New Year Ladies & Jellyspoons! · 11:10pm Jan 1st, 2018

2017, what a year.
What a bloody year.

I can easily say this year has been my most eventful in all 19 years of my life.
Believing in connecting with my followers, I thought I'd list all the crazy shizzle I've been through this year so you might know a little more about the author you love! :heart:

So, here we go!

  • I've been at the centre of a court case. (Don't worry, I wasn't the accused, I was the victim :pinkiesad2:)

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Chapter 21 WAS ERASED 😭 · 6:59pm Oct 14th, 2017

Okay, quick update so you guys don't think I'm actually dead. yet
I finished Chapter 21 only 2 nights ago, and was ready to publish.
When I began writing Chapter 22 on a new Word Document.

Only to discover, I'd saved OVER Chapter 21.
I didn't realise this until this morning, and thus cannot recover the file.
This is really bloody annoying, but it is what it is I suppose... :facehoof:

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Going on holiday, but there's a silver lining! · 3:38pm Jun 8th, 2017

Hello my darlings!

So, in a couple of days I’m going away for a while, as I have not one, but TWO holidays, back-to-back.
Firstly, I’m going of the France for 10 days with my other half.
And when I get back, I’m going travelling for a couple of months with my American friend, Jenny.

While my WiFi will be absent, meaning I won’t be able to publish any chapters, there IS a silver lining.

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THE TITAN'S ORB REMASTERED · 1:39am May 23rd, 2017


So, after a good few months of hard work, I have officially completed the remastered edition of The Titan's Orb.
Complete with added scenes, realism checks, images, dialogue, and more grammar fixes than 50 Shades of Grey... :rainbowlaugh:

I've made the text a LOT easier to read with double spacing.
So yeah, overall, The Titan's Orb is now a LOT more enjoyable overall as a story.

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Charahub - Character Bios and More! · 6:40pm May 17th, 2017

Hello everyone!

So, I have been working on a profile for Charahub, which is basically a database for characters in stories.
I've mostly finished a character sheet for The Titan's Orb, which provides detailed descriptions on ALL characters.
This ranges from their bios, to their back-stories, to their relationships to OTHER characters!
It's super cool, so check it out if you want to know more about The Titan's Orb!!!

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New username! Don't get confused! · 4:44pm Mar 4th, 2017

Howdy everyone! How's everybody doin'?

So, I've decided to change my username and profile picture.
Because I am trying to lose the "Nipercrab" name, basically.
I created the Nipercrab brand over a decade ago, and its been my thing for ever.

But I have created a new alias a couple of years ago that I'm trying to make as my main brand.
It started off with a YouTube channel, but I'm making the name my profile on ALL accounts.

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Image fixes · 3:24pm Sep 29th, 2016

Hey y'all!
Looking at the comments, I've noticed my images are constantly faltering.
Looking into it, I've found it's because I have the images stored on Facebook in a secret folder, where the links expire on occasion.

I have since opened an account on DeviantArt, where I'm re-uploading the images there.
So the images for the story will be fixed ASAP!

That's all folks!

Stay tuned!
~ Callum!

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