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London Comic Con 2016 photos · 8:54pm Oct 31st, 2016

So I had a lot of fun over the weekend at the convention, and got an absolute shed-ton of photos of all the different cosplayers there (there were a ton more I didn't take, but I stuck to costumes I recognised and didn't bother with all the The Doctors/Narutos/Kakashis).

Here's the link to the full album (WARNING: It's a big album, 150+ pictures)

See how many you recognise.

EDIT: I am a terrible photographer.

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Thanks! I'll be looking forward to it! ^^

The name of the series is RWBY.

The project I'm working on is called Tales From Remnant (Remnant being the world where RWBY is based). You know the Telltale Games series', Tales From The Borderlands, The Walking Dead, Batman: The Enemy Within and so forth? Well, I'm trying to create something in their style for the RWBY franchise. It's slow going, but I'm getting there.

BTW, reading PH after reading Fallout: Equestria is a nightmare too XD

Eh, you really needn't thanking me. After all, all I've done is stating the truth, y'know? ^^

'RWBY'? Wait-wait-wait, lemme take a shot at this: 'Rainbow... Wins... Barnacle!.. Year'? XD
May I inquire the name of this series? After all, if I'm going to read any fan-made glory from you, then I'll at least'll need a bit of background. Can't do what I initially did with the FoE community anymore, can I? (-> Can you imagine reading FoE: Project Horizons before Kkat's FoE? Lemme tell you, it's a f*cking confusing nightmare. XD )

Thanks! ^^

Well, thank you so much for your kind words. You've really made my day.

I'm so glad that you're enjoying Old Souls, and hope that it continues to entertain you through to the end.

I'm unlikely to write any more for the FoE community at this point, but I am working (however slowly) on a fan project for RWBY, if you're familiar with that franchise. If you'd like, I can let you know when that'll be ready?

Once again; I'm deeply touched by your message, and hope that you too have a great day!

Hey dude, I'm currently reading through your story 'Old Souls'. I think I'm at what? Chapter 14-something? And I gotta say, even though it's at least 3 years old, I'm absolutely hooked! It's incredibly rare that I comment on anything, but your story deserves an even more personnal approach than a mere comment on the story itself. I just wanted to say that 'Old Souls' is exceptional quality material. Rarely have I seen something comparable to it and that has me so hooked that I read it deep into the night. The idea behind it novel and never seen before -ironic, for such an old thing, really XD -, the characters charming and diverse, and, best of all, the grammar is absolutely flawless! T'is truly something you can be immensly proud of. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, that you've given this freely to us. I honestly think that it being so relatively unknown to the FoE community is an absolute travesty, and really sad. You really deserve many more upvotes, comments and dogmatic adulation for your hard work. Even though, again, it has been such a long time since you've uploaded anything, I'll eagerly await any new stuff you might be coming up with and will probably shove it down me throat like a rabid anaconda. XD

Again, thank you very much for everything you've done dude. Hope you'll have a great life ahead of you, and maybe a grand carrier as a succesful writer, eh? *winky face*

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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