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venting (don't havfta read if you don't wanna or care) · 12:41am Oct 27th, 2012

i want to write but don't feel like it.
writing this blog post is hard already.
been thinking about (urrrrggghhhttttt) rewriting the second chapter of my story again.
my desire to make the jack trades story perfect is ruining my game.
should i put it on hold and focus on the backlog of weird ideas or wait till this soul-eating monster has been completed?

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words of wisdom i came up with on my own · 4:49am Jun 12th, 2012

"the price of wisdom is innocence."

also that human in equestria jack trades story ya'll kinda been waiting for so ya'll could mock me, stab me, leave my broken body in a ditch, so i could then come back as a zombie, feast on your brains and write another damn chapter......

yeah its not gonna be based in the equestria world of the show.

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quick question · 3:53am May 29th, 2012

why does all the porn fics i read have both partners come at the same?
i mean why don't the male come first so we come get something funny out of it.
'why did you stop? i wasn't done yet.'

and don't give me shit about 'its a story about talking ponies stop over thinking it so damn much.'
and i have this to say, to you: 'its not just the pony fics that have it. anywhere there's porn fics the sex ends with the two of them coming at the same time.

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as if its hard enough to watch. · 6:50pm May 20th, 2012

the red line shows why i don't support this bullshit.
the show is hard enough to watch with non genitals-ed pony ass being shoved into the camera lens.
as a furry any sentient creature is considered fair game.

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i think the hub's pushing it's luck with this one · 3:29am May 19th, 2012

g4 MLP:FIM was a complete fluke in terms of its adult male audience.

maybe the hub would get lucky again with the bears, but in my opinion the whole damn thing was born straight from the uncanny valley and it scares me.
god it looks like each of them just inhaled 3 pounds of PCP laced crack with these eyes.

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i'm feeling blue · 7:48pm May 16th, 2012

and every time i think about working on homework or my stories my heart stops for a couple of seconds.

i think syphilis i mean Chrysalis has something to do with this.
i used drugs to stop her from draining my emotions so now she must be trying to sap me while I'm at my weakest and least medicated.

so now i feel depressed and less willing to much of anything.

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i'm noticing only a few people comment on me blog posts · 6:50pm May 15th, 2012

really i write these posts because i don't have anything better to do or it just popped into my head.

I'll return your comments with my comments no matter what is written.
unless I'm asleep, in which case i don't care until i wake up again.

talking others helps me come up with good quality jokes or understand concepts I'm not really sure of.

and now comes my opinions on various ponies
twilight is the scariest pony.
pinkie has diabetes.
rarity comes off as a bitch.

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NSFW list · 6:10am May 15th, 2012

this is a top 20 list of weird stuff i find arousing enough to beat my meat (in order of WTF-atude):
1. women
2. cat girls
3. anthropomorphic cats
4. anthropomorphic dogs
5. Amy rose
6. rouge bat
7. vanilla rabbit
8. shade Echidna
9. female dovahkin
10. anthropomorphic land mammals in general
11. anthropomorphic dolphin
12. anthropomorphic Velociraptor
13. ponies
14. tentacles
15. well written plot porn
16. ???
17. clouds
18. closed loop folder links

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it's official · 7:51am May 11th, 2012

i hope never to go to Equestria.
the ponies' constant disregard for the laws of nature, having heard the winter warp-up song offends me in ways I'm not quite sure of.
i find that i would hate to go there, if only for the reason that the world does not have any kind self-sustainability.

also i don't think they would like my constant bitching about my desire for a decent steak.
they would be like 'eating meat is so wrong.'

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i've been invited for a movie and as dinner · 1:18pm May 4th, 2012

for Chrysalis.

I know she'll suck out my emotions but she said she enjoys "playing" with her food. I hope she means sexually.

I hope the movie's good.
Don't want to spend my last moments watching something horrible.

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