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this an account for people who want to write fimfiction's with their own Ponysona or OC's


the makings of a story, of my ponysona Gem Shine and Flash Sentry · 6:15pm Nov 1st, 2014

Hi there everyone
well i know it's a little weird to put your own character with a canon/side/background character is a mary sue way to do it ^^"
But i kinder have feelings for that royal pegasus guard ^///^"

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1432037 well no :twilightblush: but this one i did draw and i put it in my paint tool sai, and gave it colour :twilightsmile:

Did you draw your OC?

yep i got a lot of stories that i need help for :twilightblush:

A bit, yes. Though I'm more of a Nightmare Moon fan. Anyway, I hear you need some editing work done:ajsmug:

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