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Rules lawyering was EXACTLY what Hermione was famous for in the novels. Otherwise the three main protagonists would have spent all their time in the common room studying. Also TECHNICALLY they did NOT send Myrtle on to next great adventure merely reset an incompleted one.

Thanks for the warning! Unfortunately, I very rarely read incomplete stories. In addition to a general dislike of waiting for a conclusion, there's just been so many stories I loved that got abandoned by their authors.

128 stories in my "read when complete" list.

Hey! Thanks for adding my story to your library, but if you're waiting for it to be completed before writing it, you're gonna be waiting a loooong time. Just thought you should know.

Thanks for adding my story!

Glad to hear you're so enthusiastic about it! And yes, it is still being worked on. It's my current project, even.

I'm just very slow to update. :twilightblush:

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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