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Hello everyone, as a artist, I love to create new things, stories are no exception. So I shall post a series I thought of known as My Little Pony Civil war. Enjoy.


What can I do to make my stories better? · 3:33pm Mar 20th, 2015

When you try and try and try and no matter how hard you try you can't make a decent story what do you do? Well I have hit this roadblock for quite awhile now. I have made what I think is a pretty interesting series known as MLP Civil war, but out of the two chapters I have made I got 9 dislikes so far. The reason I am upset is because I have only 2 likes. No one comments stating why it's bad they just give me a thumbs down and expect me to understand what I did wrong. Is it the grammar? Probably, I suck at spelling and grammar, makes for a bad author I know but I am still trying. Is it the fact that people don't like seeing characters they like shown in a different light? In my case I had to have a traumatic change in order to show why they are fighting, guess I am doing a bad job at it. Or is it something else? I tend to draw allot more then I write but I am trying to write something good for practice mainly. Sure my crappy art is crap but some people like it. Matter of fact they do t

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