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my auto rating sitem · 12:40pm Oct 27th, 2013

if you see one heart that = you have a good idear but it seem your going abut it the rong way.
if you see two hearts that = you have good idear and your heading in the right way but your not cach-ing it yet to get people really in to it.
if you see 3 hearts that = you have all most every thing that makes, what you trying to do but your falling short of the mark you seem to going for from what i can see.
if you see 4 hearts that = you made it and like you for it and i relly enjoy it.

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story stuff too bounce off! · 5:55am Aug 11th, 2013

i have a cater that i started too Wright a crossover for in too the world of equseter it mane-ly mail but that can be change at will since taking on anther forms and stuff like that is one of is defence thing eney way, I need too get my head in too what is most likely too meat it on first contact if the first sine that it arrive is a plume of dust and some smoke shooting up abut 20 miles high in a area with no sine of major life?

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