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New Story in Progress · 1:50am Aug 14th, 2016

I just started work on a new short fic of a NSFW nature. It will have Fluttershy, star spiders, webs, and cocoons.

Sound interesting? Then stay tuned.


Bronycon 2014 · 1:47am Jul 28th, 2014

I'm attending BronyCon this year in Baltimore. It'll be my second con, after I attended TrotCon in my home state of Ohio earlier this year. Are any of my awesome followers and readers planning on attending? Got any tips? Interested in meeting up?

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The Equestrian Critics Society + Update · 11:49pm Jun 2nd, 2013

Well, it has officially been way too long since I was active on working on any of my stories. There's been a lot of distractions lately; graduating college, looking for a new job and dealing with generic life drama being the real-life issues sucking up my time and energy. I've also been neglecting writing time so that I can reread the Game of Thrones series and catch up on some of my followed fics that have been languishing (I'm finally down from 110 to 51 unread chapters.) I've also been

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500 Words per Day · 4:19am Mar 27th, 2013

I've been trying something new. Namely, forcing myself to write at least 500 words every single day, no matter what. It may not seem like much, but it should enable me to write at an average speed of a chapter per week, which would be nice for consistency. I've been at it for four days and it seems to be working well.

It's beter than trying to write 3,000 words all at once every six to seven days, at least.

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Harmony's Crescendo · 8:25pm Mar 24th, 2013

I have created another story to house the clop scenes Accidental Harmony that I have decided to write, having been asked numerous times to do so.
Currently, it contains only the clop-scene of one chapter but more will be added eventually. I will also upload appropriate parts of Harmony Redux if I feel the need to write them.

Just as a fair warning, this will be my lowest priority work and is likely to go a while between updates. Still, I intend to finish it eventually.

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Brony Book Club · 1:32am Mar 21st, 2013

I know it's a little late to the party, but my story Accidental Harmony was mentioned on the podcast Brony Book Club. I've since listened to the rest of their podcasts and I enjoy a lot of the discussion of things they mention. They deserve more listeners, so if reviews about pony fics sounds interesting you might wanna check them out.


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Harmony Redux · 8:43pm Mar 13th, 2013

Well, the prologue and first chapter of the sequel to Accidental Harmony is out now.

Read it (if you want to): Harmony Redux

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How do I use this thing? · 2:10am Aug 16th, 2012

My userpage tells me I have 149 followers and 1000+ subscribers on Accidental Harmony. I try not to bother you all by posting to my blog and filling up your notifications, but I'm making a brief exception.

Recently, another author, Shadow62123 on fanfiction.net interviewed me for one of his stories, which is essentially the literary version of a talk show with fictional characters. It's a cool concept, but I digress.

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