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Frostbitten News and a New Story · 4:24am May 14th, 2013

First off, thanks for the follows/reads. Second, apologies for not updating frostbitten as I should have, but have faith. The new chapter shall be up by friday (found my book with notes/chapters so its just a matter of typing it up). The main reason I haven't been updating/writing for Frostbitten is because I've been working on another story, one I've had floating around my head for a while. I'd appreciate some criticism if you all have some time. Again, thanks for the follows/reads

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Thank you for the fav of The Date!

961901 I met this guy here at a meet... he was supposed to respond. Vengeful Spirit, get his attention please so we can throw a pie at him:moustache:

Thank you for the Favorite.

Thank you for faving 'An Elusive Heart' :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

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