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Applejack, why you so hard to write? · 11:13am Jun 12th, 2012

No, Ah'm not talking bout tha western twang that mare's got.

It occurs to me that out of the mane six (ha, puns), AJ is the only pony who isn't archetypical. Every other pony can be identifies as "The X." Twi's "The Scholar," Rarity's "The Fashionista," Rainbow's "The Racer," Fluttershy's "The Wallflower," and Pinkie Pie is "The Sugar Rush."

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Juxtaposition. · 11:25am Jun 8th, 2012

Rainbow Dash. In show, she's this brash., confident pegasus who complains when she gets sappy, obsessed with speed and the wonderbolts. In her most famous fanfics, she end up as part of a melodrama; romanced by X, or adopted by Y, or having to deal with adopting Scoots, or whatever.

Fluttershy. Canon? Soft, easily startled, only dangerous when her friends are endangered. Pretty though. But once we search for her fics, she gets thrown into horror stories, or abusive families, or adventures.

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PLOT BUNNIES · 12:17am May 30th, 2012

Ideas I have, that I do not know what do with.

--Short Circut crossover
--Self insert (comedy)
--Silver Spoon stands alone
--Ponyfall with Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara
--Universe prime/Friendship is Witchcraft crossover
---Serious analysis of Sweetie Bot character ("Am I alive?")

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