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Today's Episode: S09E04 · 11:34pm Saturday

So, uhh....



Top Ten Episodes of Show


This honestly felt like the good old days of the show. Once I saw that the story idea was done by the voice actors, I knew we were in for something special. This episode? This was something special. What a fun, zany, creative idea for an episode. The pacing was great, the callbacks were rewarding, and the message and payoff were amazing.

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Ranking Every Episode of MLP: Part 2 (Episodes 176-162): The One Where I Talk About "Newbie Dash" · 12:56am February 18th

Part 1: The BOTTOM 20

Hello everyone. It's been another long while, eh? Sorry about that, but the busy hasn't stopped lately.

Here are the next 15 items on the list. As I said before, we've already exited the realm of "shit" episodes and entered the realm of more mediocre ones.

With number 176, we have...

176. Not Asking For Trouble (S07E11)

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Ranking Every MLP Episode, Part 1: THE BOTTOM 20 · 6:01pm January 27th

Season 9 of MLP is fast approaching. And with that, I figured… why not do a complete ranking of all of the episodes of MLP up until this point? Hell, it’ll be fun!

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I got the grant! · 2:31pm Nov 26th, 2018

So I'd been writing this grant application for a long ass time and I finally submitted it a few months ago

And I got the response today... and they were like "hell yeah boi this shit is lit" and gave me the moolah

So now I have funding to get the ball rolling on my study


I feel like I've accomplished something at last, huzzah!

Alright, back to work. Hope y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Oh look, an update! · 3:14am Oct 28th, 2018

Hello everyone. It's been a while.

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I'm going for my last drive today. · 6:56pm Oct 1st, 2018

I have a telepsychiatry appointment today, and then I'm done. I'm gonna tell him everything's fine and then I'll bounce. I can't do it anymore guys, and I can't put this off anymore. Thank you all for caring, but I don't think I'm worth your time anymore. I can't do it, it's too much and I can't do it anymore. I wish I was never born.

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I went for a long drive, and now I want to live again. · 4:23am Aug 19th, 2018

I haven't been this fucked up ever in my life. I probably should have been committed, but that's in the past. Early August I self-harmed with an X-Acto knife (now in the dump) on my upper legs and now I will probably have big ass scars forever, but the blood fortunately got mostly on the bathmat (which is now in the dump). I quit my summer jobs and have been doing nothing for most of the break, but I paid my rent two months in advance back in July when I still had sanity. I've slept probably

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Here's the blog I almost posted yesterday. · 6:23pm Jul 26th, 2018

I've got a break coming up, about a month long. But I don't care anymore. Other classmates already have plans, and all I know how to do is sit in a lab, sit at a desk, or wash dishes. My friends moved on, I don't have a family I would ever want to go back to, and once September rolls back around it all starts over again. I'm so stressed, so tired, so alone, so done. I can't handle the stress of life. I've got my meds adjusted, but nothing has changed. I try to write anything but all that

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I have to get him a card and a gift for Father's Day. · 11:37pm Jun 15th, 2018

I don't have enough money in my own bank account to completely cut myself off from my dad, yet. He's recently been ramping up his attempts at contact and manipulation, and I've just been waving the red cape at the bull this whole time to keep him occupied. He hasn't mentioned anything about money being pulled from "our" joint account, yet, but I'm waiting for the moment when he sees it and dreading it like nothing else.

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My review of S08E10: The Break Up Break Down · 3:47am May 20th, 2018

Alternate Blog Title: Hi Nick Confalone I will have your babies but no homo tho


Alright, sooo it's not a secret that I think Nick Confalone is a boss. The guy has written some excellent episodes, including Saddle Row Review, which is in my opinion one of the top 10 best episodes of the show. He has also written a couple that I haven't liked as much, and one that I reaaally didn't like (Hearthbreakers), but overall the guy is kind of MLP Jesus.

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