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Octavia is shy, stand offish, and hard to approach. Vinyl is also shy, but more ambitious and adventurous, she's awkward and kind, but means well. When these two mares become friends, they bond faster than super glue and fur. But one night, Octavia stops answering calls, is no longer on her Muzzle Space page, and she is nowhere to be found. The only thing worse than Octavia's sudden disappearance, is the alleged reason for her absence.

A loving and strong story of the magic of friendship and how it grows, and changes over the years. Based on a true story.

Chapters (5)

After a long talk with her mother, Vinyl is kicked out of the comforts of her home and forced to move to a new town. But her new home is far from perfect, as the place seems to be... haunted. Vinyl talks to her landlord who makes a bet that she can't capture the ghost of the mysterious cellist that was murdered years ago. Vinyl takes the challenge, and the whole town is taken aback by the mysterious truth that surrounds the home.

[So here I am, taking a small break from writing my typical stuff to do another one shot, this time, I'm going to practice my "comedy" and "mystery" writing. I'm going to warn you, my humor is pretty bad, but comedy is relative.... like time... or something.... ugh! At least I don't completely suck at mystery....:raritycry:]

I'm just going to add a little disclaimer here.... If you think I should change this rating at any time, be sure to let me know :twilightsmile:

WARNING! This contains: Inappropriate humor, stoner humor, death mysteries, murder, sexy jokes, alcohol, drug use, lesbian pony romance, and ghosts.

I'm so sorry for this....

Chapters (6)

Octavia Philharmonica, the sweet young cellist with hopes and dreams to spare, has finally saved enough bits to move to Canterlot, the city where dreams are made! However, Octavia is greeted with more disdain than she expected; not that she had been expecting any to begin with. She's such an innocent pony, why would anyone think she was a horrible thug?

Follow Octavia as she tries her best to traverse the city, and deal with the ponies that seem to hate her for something she can't help, and the ponies who see her for who she is, and give her a chance.

A one shot to keep myself from getting too soft in my writing while I wait for a muse for my more popular story, "Octavia Crashes a Party and Wins a Roommate". Enjoy!

Octavia is best pony.....

Chapters (1)

Octavia is enjoying a boring evening when she hears that her favorite musician is coming to town for a party. You either have to be invited, be somepony's plus one, or pay a fee of 200 bits. Octavia has none of that, so her not-so-helpful friends have a better idea.

Crash the party!

In this story, I'm taking a break from a few stereotypes on Vinyl and Octavia (as well as a few other characters) and writing Octavia with a little less common sense and more of a crushing slob. Vinyl, well, she'll be interesting to say the least.

There is a good amount of a building romance, but it doesn't drown out the story or development of characters, and trust me, there is much more development happening in this story, not like my last one where we jumped like three chapters to the end. I've learned my lesson :twilightblush:

Rated teen for language and booze!

Chapters (15)

Octavia goes to a field in search of inspiration, and is soon left making social decisions she wouldn't usually make. What will come of her interactions with this strange and distant pony?

Based on the game Vinyl's Silent Wish, by TsubukiSan, a game I loved so much, I decided it needed a longer story.

I drew the cover art myself. :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (1)

The White Unicorn is a legendary hero; a hero that Vinyl is very proud of. The Mistress Strings is a villain, and everyone hates her. When Octavia and Vinyl learn some new things about these legendary rivals, they begin to question everything, even friendship.

Chapters (7)
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