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Rustle my Jimmies

I think we can all learn a little something from Ragtime Sweetie Belle.

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Hey, if it's not too much trouble could you shoot me a pdf or word document for your (Not so Banned in Equestria story). It came to mind again and it just can't leave my mind. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

Comment posted by Omnishifter deleted June 27th
Comment posted by mrturtlebobington deleted February 14th

Wow... All the stories are gone now and the author seems to have vanished, that sucks :(

If anyone who followed this author had the presence of mind to download a copy of their stories, please give me a shout.

Dammit. I know it’s not my business and it’s not up to me, but why oh why do some authors just suddenly delete their stories?! It’s ridiculous. If you don’t want to write anymore, fine. Whatever reason you have is your business. But at least leave your stories for your readers to enjoy! Call of the Wild was one of my favorites. Thanks.

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