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Writing Commissions! [Updated Prices] · 7:08pm Dec 17th, 2018


Check my Trello board for queues and updates on commission status!

I will write a self-contained story about whatever you want! We can discuss things such as plot, fetishes, character personalities and anything else you need through PMs or Discord and I'll try my very hardest to make your grand idea a reality!


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Hey, you!

Hey! Somehow, you've made it onto my FimFic page so I suppose I should do some shameless chest-puffing.

I'm Script, Script Write. I'm not sure I'm the only writer filly south of the Earth's equator, but I do know that I'm the cutest!

I suppose I'm kind of known (if you could even call it that) for writing foalcon stories, which at this point is pretty accurate, I do love some good old fashioned foalcon. Despite this, I'm really up to writing about whatever fetishes pop into my head, so watch this space!

I also take commissions from time to time, so if you're so inclined to do check out the blog post featured on the right for prices and availability.

Thanks for checking out my page, and I hope you enjoy my writing!

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Ah, I think I'd prefer it stay unaltered so I can't give you permission, sorry!

I'm really glad you liked my writing enough to ask though!

well I'm starting a story about a dragon who travels through different dimensions and some of these dimensions if permitted by the authors are sister dimensions to other stories on Fimfiction
and being a sister dimension means my character can travel into the dimension change things with out it affecting the original story, which is the original posted on your account
and I was hoping I could use your story and maybe have my character show up and help Twilight not get raped?.....and I'd give you all the credit for the original story if you say yes

Hello Script Write:pinkiesmile:....I was wandering if I could use your story "Cracking an Egghead" in a story I plan on writing?:pinkiesmile:......and if permitted to use it I'd give you all the credit of course:derpytongue2:

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Writing Commissions! [OUTDATED PRICING] · 11:01am Jul 9th, 2017

Commissions are currently CLOSED. Also, I'm doing an overhaul of my pricing for various reasons, so this information is relatively useless but here for posterity I guess.

Check my Trello board for queues and updates on commission status!

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