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Waiting For You Dramatic Reading by Dr Wolf · 7:15pm September 3rd

Hello Everypony, Rainb0w Dashie here!

I've recently started a collab with Dr Wolf to do a dramatic Reading of my fan-novella, Waiting For You.
He's doing the reading of course, and I am doing the custom artwork and sound design, so this thread will serve to be a host for each chapter's reading.


EWaiting For You
Rainbow Dash is plagued with visions and nightmares that beckon her to back to a place long-forgotten by Equestrian History
Rainb0wDashie · 41k words  ·  49  1 · 603 views

Chapter One: Something Soft

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Thanks for the follow! =)

Ditto on that hope. :twilightsmile: I don't know which story I'd have him do, at the end of the day...


It's definitely worth the price, I hope to see one of your stories on his channel some day! :twilightsmile:

Thank you. :twilightsmile: I respect Dr. Wolf a lot and I think it's worth the price to have him do a reading.


The price I offered him was $75 per half hour of completed audio.

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