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When writing a fallout story creates an entire new hobby · 3:48am March 18th

So I'm working on chapter two of my fallout equestria story

[Adult story embed hidden]

Progress is a little slow because I'm researching cold-war era politics so I can set the scene for second chapter, but that type of research led me down a rabbit hole for chapter 1 and I came out the other end with an entirely new hobby.

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im just gonna go. Your no help

Well I'll tell em not to do that then.

You frends haveen hecling me because of my power armor


Did I even do anything? I've just been chillin

Im in a bad mood PLASE dont say or do anything to piss me off more

Comment posted by TheKMExperience deleted February 18th

Would it be cool if I gave you a shout-out dude? You deserve all the followers I have much more than I do

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