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Authors I have helped

If you want to ask others about how well I proofread, feel free to ask these fellows about my habits, quirks, or other questions you may have. Please don't spam them, and while you're on their profiles, check out some of their works.


Fire Gazer the Alchemist



7th Outpost

The Psychopath




Things I've proofed

Because reasons


Need a proofreader? PM me. (PA)

Life is unpredictable. I'll stick to your stories as long as I can, but I may not be able to proof-read/edit for you all the time if you accept my offer.

Since I've been overly busy as of late I've added a little chart here on the likely hood of me accepting. The letter(s) in the title corresponds to one of these:

[N] None
[PA] Only chapters of stories that I've previously accepted.
[P] Only If I have worked with you before or you've been referred by one
[L] Low
[M] Medium
[H] High
[A] All

-Sanity is overrated

On things relating to The Proofreader Group (TPG)

If you have are submitting a review on a Proofreader, please make sure to include thier name, the story they helped you on, as well as an overall summary of how they did. Said summary should include how they acted, the speed in which they helped, as well as how well they did in spotting errors.

If you are submitting input on the external site or anything else, please consider PMing my fellow admin, Kody Wiremane.

People who follow me for some odd and unknown reason and vice versa

54 members follow Gaster

Gaster follows 16 members

That really short Introduction

Lets see, what can I type here? Ohh I know, A list of random facts about myself!

1: Fan of Ponies (duh)
2: Despise trolls (from Skyrim)
3: Twilight Is best pony
4: I have a veritable fleet of ships
5: Luna is best Princess
6: Sad baby seal is sad since it can't go clubbing
7: I will read anything but Self-inserts and Displaced

Mah favs

More of Mah favs

  • The Moonstone Cup Twilight is invited to Canterlot to compete with some of the greatest unicorns in Equestria! by Cyanide 61,073 words · 29,111 views · 2,770 likes · 39 dislikes
  • Cry for Eternity After Celestia's death, Twilight must take on a role she is woefully underprepared for. by asylum1388 180,388 words · 29,121 views · 2,580 likes · 103 dislikes
  • A Dream of Dawn What if Luna won against Twilight? What happens when Discord comes back? by Starsong 137,251 words · 18,682 views · 1,571 likes · 27 dislikes
  • This Cruel and Random World It was a simple bet. Spend one month as a pony, and prove to Celestia that he had been right all along. Discord never thought he would actually enjoy it. As the days pass, he finds himself desperate to keep up the façade a little longer. by Bluegrass Brooke 124,577 words · 5,335 views · 584 likes · 27 dislikes
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Thanks for reading my story! :heart:

Good god. I didn't realize you had commented on my 'Peace Farms' story so long ago.

2302498 Unfortunately, this will not be possible. I simply do not have the time to do it.

I require your assistantance. I just published my first story and the moderators rejected it. They said that it had "grammar issues" and "a lack of punctuation". They also told me that I needed to get this story proofread if I wanted to submit it to the site. So in short, I need help. I was told that you're a pretty good proofreader. Here's the link to my story: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/347266/the-mane-event
If you could help me, I would be eternally gratefully.

2240352 alright, just wondering

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