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To whom it may concern... · 12:53am Sep 15th, 2015

Welp, I am, in fact, going to be starting a new writing project. Now, its not going to be a long thing, its actually going to be an indefinite series of one shots, the first chapter of which is going up soon. As for Hunted... well I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I am not going to call it dead, but it pretty much is. I might redo it, but better, sometime in the future, but I don't know. This is really just an exercise for my writing endurance and motivation, as well as

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Thanks for favoriting "Scaled Heights!":twilightsmile:

Any time. I started reading your stories a while back but got distracted. I'm glad I looked up the chronology of the 99 worlds saga and offshoots, they are much more satisfying when read together.

Thank you kindly for the faves and the watch.

Seeing that bell lit up makes my day. Thanks for the fave man.

Glad to see that you enjoyed This Isn't War! Feedback is always appreciated!

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