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Truly, I doth wish to bring words to this world. Alas, factors push this goal into dirt.

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Desine n.

Bellum , non inmutare
Et qui vidit, fabulis heroicis enutrivit.
Quod vescantur
Dum res pateat Plures mannis, mannis de praeterito maluit amavit masculini equos et equas


Amicus , et emissarii facti sunt omnes sicut fluxus equorum fluxus eorum alterius .



Im 'non dicens quod talia non conveniunt.
Sed erras, quam nefas et crucem, ad te incendet.

Arthurus erat Lamia
Fui ibi , et vidi.
Arthur placuisse magis fluxus equorum fluxus eorum .



Hic Iacet Arthurus,
Rex Quondam
Rexque Futurus.

stultorum calami carbones moenia chartae
parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus

Thank you for the follow good sir/madam. I hope to continue to entertain you in the future as well.

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Get To Reading, Sonny. [Favorites]

Country Running Status: 0/10

You know, we used to be a pretty great country on this damnable rock. It was only big enough for one country, though.
Now, those pesky scientists on Earth consider our home a planet no more. How DARE they!?

I'm beginning to hate Pluto.
A Lot.

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