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I don't like brussel sprouts, spinach, or any other vegetable for that matter. Probably the reason why I never grew up and look where that brought me.


Thanks for 100 followers! · 6:17pm Mar 22nd, 2017

Hey my dudes and dudettes!

So, I'm pleasantly surprised! One-hundred of you horny bastards decided to follow me in the hopes of seeing more Cadence on human lewd, and for that, I thank you guys a lot ;) I appreciate all the support you've given me here, and I hope to deliver in the near future!

Never would I thought I'd reach 100 followers with just two stories! I can safely assure you guys that I will keep on writing the prettiest pink pony princess in naughty situations for all of you.

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Source of that current avatar? Can't find it anywhere.

What happened to that new story you posted?

I love how your profile file is entirely set to just post cadence fics , which are my absolute favorite!

Nice Avatar. :moustache:

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