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Jon bucker

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After living years of longing and pains to point of an orphan, he finally returns to where his heart is soften. Never give up on who you are, even with the past like a haunting scar. Be true to yourself and strong, because in the end you may end where you belong.

I'd like to send a personal thanks to unparchedbutter for proofreading my story.

This is a quick story i wrote about my OC, Jon bucker. It doesn't say everything about him but it shares enough. This is mainly a back story to where he ended up now. So i hope you enjoy.

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Sometimes saying you’d do anything, means giving everything. How hard would you push yourself to keep a promise, and more importantly get back to the ones you love. This is the story that includes my life; this is the story of me in Equestria.

I'd like to give a personal thanks to my nephew Chopper Woods for giving my story its name, and to my two friends Alec Cage and nathan moyer 922 who were so kind to proofread my story, thanks a bunch to all of you. I appreciate all of what you have done.

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