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No internet. · 10:43am Jul 29th, 2015

Hi, sorry about not uploading the pictures 2 days ago as I promised, it's because of our internet provider deciding that no one actually needs internet until August 5th. Yes you saw right, August fucking fifth.

Now, I'm going up to my grandma and grandpa tomorrow, and they don't use these shitheads, so I will have internet there.

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I'M BACK! · 9:04pm Jul 26th, 2015

I'm back from my holiday in Denmark. Legoland is amazimg, Lalandia ... not so much, but still cool. I'll upload the pictures I took tomorrow when I'm on the computer.

See ya tomorrow.

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It's a smokey world. · 12:00pm Aug 3rd, 2014

So, apparently there has been a forest-fire in a town (I think) called Sala if I've heard correctly. The smoke has moved over to the town I'm currently residing in. Outside, there is fog. Only it's smoke. Not fog. And it smells really bad.

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I'm back. · 1:44pm Jul 20th, 2014

So, I'm currently at my grandma's and grandpa's house in a town known as Fagersta. And my friend (who is now a brony) has gone home to his house. Therefore I have more time to do stuff by myself. That means keeping promises. I'll try to fix my broken story and maybe it wont be horrible. Then I'll install of my sims games back on the computer and play for a "while"

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Someones follower of the week and other stuff. · 6:49pm Jun 1st, 2014

I just noticed that I am thecolornine's follower of the week. Thanks lad! Now onto other stuff. F-tEU, don't expect updates. I keep forgetting and postponing and with a computer that constantly overheates I don't think I'll ever do it. So, I'm sorry to everyone who wants it finished (me included).

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My story. · 1:48pm Nov 30th, 2013

I case anyone is waiting for my story to update (wait what), the next chapter will be called school years and will be focusing on Fireshock's school years the most (You don't say) and also a bit of his grown-up life

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Small youtube easter eggs · 9:47pm Oct 12th, 2013

These are some easter eggs on youtube some guy showed me in a comment.

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First · 9:05pm Oct 4th, 2013

Two of you have suggested that I should writ e a story and I listened (although when I started only one had suggested). Right now my story is waiting to be accepted. Just wanted to let you know because I am HYPED! (I think that is a proper place to use it, correct me if I misused that word).

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My O.C race explanation · 10:17pm Aug 11th, 2013

OK my O.C is a unicorn but not a normal unicorn but a kind I created by myself. They're called elemental unicorns and can control the 4 elements from Avatar: The last airbender. They also can control another element (mine can control lightning) that other elemental unicorns can't (it may be so that they can control one of the elements others can control but they control it better). Their coat-and-mane's color is influenced by the element that they can control. For example an ice controlling

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