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Writer's Block · 4:21pm Dec 16th, 2013

First, I want to apologize for the over a month gap in my updates for "The Darkness Within." I had a bad case of writers block. And now, I've broken through, but the ideas come to me, aren't for "The Darkness Within," unfortunately. Fortunately, the ideas are for a fanfic, but I'm stuck for a title. So here's a rough idea of the basic plot;

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Thank you so much for adding The New Guard to your garrison! May Jupiter watch over your steps, the sun of Celestia guide your path, and the moon of Luna comfort you in the darkest of nights. :eeyup:

Thanks for following Man of War! Feel free to comment and be sure to check out my blogs. Also, be sure to check out the Man of War Group for more!

Brony on!

Thanks for watching me, you stalker.

Thank you very, very much for adding my story Zenith to your Favorites bookshelf. I hope that you enjoy seeing where Spike goes on his journey!:twilightsmile:

Dear consumer,
Thank you for purchasing a copy of Equestrian Earth.
We hope you will enjoy the most realistic virtual reality mmorpg of the century.
Also, we would like some feedback from you about our game. What would you say your favorite mechanics of the game are so far after playing it?

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(What the letter really meant: Thank you for a fave on the story! That really means a lot! After you're done reading up to the latest chapter, what would you say your favorite chapters of the story were so far and why?:twilightsmile:)

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