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Hi, I enjoy reading a lot of the fanfics on this sight, and attempting to write my own. Thoughts and criticism is always welcomed!


Back to the Drawing board? · 5:26pm Jan 21st, 2012

So they gave the beloved Derpy a scene where she spoke. So know we get a better view on what she is like. Now I am at a crossroad. I can disregard canon and acquire fanon, or do a slight revamp on the first chapter to fit this "canon" Derpy. However I won't make any changes perhaps until later this year, because Studio B (bless their collective souls) can add even more information about our beloved mailmare(will that stay canon?). For example they gave us a map sketch of Equestria in the

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Revisions yay! · 3:07am Dec 7th, 2011

Hey, it looks like it's time for me to try and step up my game. The Fire of Friendship is going to be edited, which is what it is in dire need of. There will be new content added in both chapters and hopefully structure wise it will be improved! Until then, best wishes for everypony/dragon!

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To Anyone Who Enjoyed My Story · 10:29pm Nov 1st, 2011

This thing on?
1, 2?
Oh, it is? Okay good.

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