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It's been a while! · 6:43am Feb 28th, 2015

Well... I'm back! Took me long enough to come around, I suppose. I was gone a number of months. And, looking around this site, at all the wonderful old-time favourite stories- Not to mention all the incredible new ones waiting for me to discover them!- I'm truly regretting ever having left. Not much has changed in little old Blaze's life, though. Still as much of a tomboy as ever, running around in the mud, et cetera, et cetera. I guess life I'm just happy everything's back to normal.

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Not directly through the site no. I actually had this problem, and the explanation is a bit large so I will message you directly so I'm not monopolising your comment box. :scootangel:

598241 Say, quick question, is there a way to see all of the comments you've posted on other peoples' stories?

598238 Oh, haha. Ok, I was thinking you were one hell of a quick reader. I'm glad you enjoyed them. :rainbowlaugh:

598234 Yeah... I kinda started reading it before I made my account. :derpytongue2:

598230 Oh wow, did you already read all the way from the start of the first episode?

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