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Slander of the bronies · 11:04pm Jul 8th, 2013

Hello siblings.

I am afraid to announce there has been trouble recently (from bonies) that has persecuted our work. An ode to the glory of God has been rapidly shot down and ridiculed, labelled a troll for our beliefs. Once again I'll say I am not the troll here.

It is hard to bear this negative reception but we must persist and persevere. Prayer always helps during these times.

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Hopefully soon to be full!

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594197 "One body in Christ", no? :twilightsheepish:

594194 Well, if you want to go there......then sure.

However, in my opinion, in the heat of the moment, he might have said things he wouldn't have said had he been thinking straight. While that's wrong, you shouldn't get TOO upset. We all do that.

Put simply, I think that both sides might be a bit wrong. The way those who initially read the story reacted wrongly, in my opinion. He in turn reacted incorrectly.

As for what I was mentioning, I was speaking of his request for help and perhaps some solace.

Have a good evening, sir. :twilightsmile:

594194 I must say, comment genocide? The removal of a mass of hate and general ill-will, yes.

594178 Thank you for your support, it means much to know there are friends out there :pinkiesmile:

594178 Because massive comment genocide and calling someone the Devil is SO peaceful.

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