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1880211 To be honest I never watched Scarface. And to be PERFECTLY honest, such movies are not my style ironically. Though I can see how you'd think that. Well, I'm glad I didn't make you rage quit my story as I have done to others in the past. It continues to surprise me how very low the tolerance level can be with certain individuals. :raritydespair:

But the story must go on! And I would never leave my DEDICATED fans hanging. I know that lines used a LOT but the few that remain ARE my sole motivation for this story. I write it for fun yes, and because I want to, but it helps knowing people actually care enough to give me feedback from time to time.

I'm glad you'll be sticking around for the big finisher. :rainbowkiss: Cause this is the final day in the story and then there will be no more! I was afraid you got mad about the story AND me.

Well, actually there will be a continuation after a brief period which I will write some of my other stories but Trixie Secretary Extraordinaire! will go on! Just under a different title.

1879914 lol I'm sorry if I deleted my comment, it's because I was so angry about this chapter 'End of the Sixth Day Problems on the Homefront', that I went off topic for a bit. What I said was that this chapter reminds me a lot of the dinner scene from the movie scarface, where he rants about the hypocrisy in most people who would rather find the fault in others to feel good. This chapter is a prime example of that, as ponies would rather look at trixie as a villain, without fully realising the hypocritical monsters they've become (i.e. the destruction of carrot's home). All in all however I'm really excited for the next chapter, and that I hope the ponyvillians could see the error of their ways.

Aww. You deleted your comment in my story. :fluttercry: I was looking forward to reading it.

Well, being honest, that tension building may be influenced by Len Wein's Swamp Thing as well as other sources that I'm too forgetful to remember right now. Don't worry about updates, since this week I'm planing on releasing two new chapters (if nothing stupid happens, that's it).

Yeah, Crawling from the Ashes is also my favorite one so far. The first two where mostly to to set it up and the last one was more of a transition chapter.


I have to admit it was a very interesting story. I love how you've captured the tension in each chapter, especially chapter 3 'Crawling from the Ashes'. It would be nice to see the other characters' stand point of this situation, since trixie's now a walking talking corpse and all.

In other words I'm liking the story so far and I look forward to see more.

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