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"You're wrong, I have the power of peace if I can unite all under one banner. When we all have the same goal, paradise, the world will be at rest."


Let the Good Times Roll · 9:26am Aug 14th, 2013

I finally got a keyboard so now I can update a lot more. Never Leave Me shall end with my new keyboard possession. I also got earbuds so I can get inspired for story ideas more often.

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Happy me · 8:41pm Aug 2nd, 2013

I'm back, but not for long. I won't have much time to write since my academics are starting. I am also not creating that new story idea, I have a better one. It is an FF crossover, so I shall make it. I plan to finish Never Leave Me before I continue and maybe The Lost One after. I plan this since I want to finish those and release chapters for Alchemy Vs. Magic fast.

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Sad little me · 5:12pm Jul 28th, 2013

I'm losing my internet, so I won't be on for a while. I'll still be working on my stories. I'll still be brony oning.

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New Story · 4:46am Jul 12th, 2013

I plan to come out with a new story once I finish one of the three I have up, its title is Of Fun and Guns, that just being said for a hint on what it may be of. Speaking of the three I have up, I would hope you guys are thinking of some criticism to give me as well as tips. They always help a bunch. Good writing and reading to everyone/everypony!

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