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I Swear I Make Promises On Here That I Can't Deliver · 4:38pm Dec 24th, 2020

Maybe it's my low motive and vigor to write stories, or that I'm just not all that interested in it like I used to be. Also the continuing pandemic is not helping my mood either, despite me still able to go to work to make income.

Point is... stories and updates from me will come when they can; just don't expect them when they should be.

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Inland Hurricane Delay · 8:31pm Aug 15th, 2020

Due to that, I won’t be able to visit this site much, or write anything until power gets restored to my area.

It’s thanks to a generator at work that I was able to charge up my phone to write this:twilightblush:

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Attending Ponyville Ciderfest '19 · 3:32am Oct 28th, 2019

I'm looking quite forward to this upcoming weekend. Mostly the cider part if you catch my meaning?:rainbowwild:

Of course I look forward to meeting the GoH, purchasing merchandise, and attending panels. Most definitely the ones that involve writing fanfiction. I can't guarantee that I'll dish out stories faster once I learn the better concepts of writing stories, but it's worth a try I think.

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Seems That They'll Be Another CMC Episode · 2:12am Jul 25th, 2019

"When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are magically transformed into grownups, they discover that growing up the right way means gaining experience and wisdom that simply can't be rushed."

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Equestria is Screwed Now · 10:32pm Apr 6th, 2019

It apparently seems that Grogar is the only smart villain within the FiM era of MLP since he knows that strength comes in numbers rather than from a single source of power or manipulation. The sin of Pride labels every other villain in the show or movie, and it was the biggest downfall of both Sombra and the Storm King. Actually now that I think about it... kings always have a strong sense of pride and ignorance:unsuresweetie:.

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