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I do this because I want to make people happy in some sort of way. I try my best to be a good writer so that I can brighter some one's day. Just one person who likes my work makes this all worth it!

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This series is about characters from all the anime shows around! The only story that YOU decide who fights next! We take an anime character and form a reason for them to appear in the My Little Pony world who will meet their unknowing opponent (methods will be different depending on both personalities) which they will fight it out till there is only one winner.

Rules and battle engagement terms (PLEASE READ!!):

*Everyone chosen will be up to date with their power levels and skills unless stated, for example: Goku from season two in Dragon Ball Z versus Twilight from season four. Otherwise they will be locked in from their last seen episode

*If you want to choose the next two combatants, you must first put in your pair that you want to see fight and for the anime character, you must put down their full name and anime series name (Example: Kirito-kun from SAO vs Applejack). After you put down your selection, you must have at minimal of 3 likes (Will go up as the story grows in followers) and you can also like it yourself, but you must have 3 likes, no restrictions on how they get there. Lastly I will be the last judge of the choice. If I think it would be an interesting match, I'll start writing and will inform you privately. Please be fair in your selections.

*If you are selecting an OC to battle, it has to be a fairly popular OC (example: Mic the Microphone, Wooden Toaster , Fluffle Puff, ect.) If you make a god like OC and say they are popular, I WILL find out the truth. I have my own personal brony encyclopedia as a friend who will check to see if they are a well known OC. These OC's may be included from stories, media, youtube, and just in general the brony community itself.

*If you are selecting an OC from a popular story, then please put a link of that story so that I may check it out and learn the OC before writing the story.

*Different versions of the main cast of My Little Pony are acceptable selections as well! For example: Psycho Twi, Murder Shy, Cupcakes Pinkie Pie, ect. All different forms will be researched by my friend who will give me background information about all said formations.

* Lastly, this story will not go on without you guys! I had this idea for a year but my followers was just too little, so I had to wait till my group got bigger. I will write the first two myself, but the more active you guys are in choosing a new battle match, the quicker matches can be made and I can start writing them! So we will need to work together on this, so I hope you guys are ready! A 100% original idea and a kick A theme, so enjoy my lovely friends!

Special Note: The cover art was done by DeviantArt name starlet15. She said she wanted to be unknown, but I think she deserves the praise! It was a simple photoshop but for only 5 bucks, I have the (almost)perfect cover art for this story! If you want pictures to be done please message her, her prices are really good compared to others, and her art is amazing! :twilightsmile:

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Hector Salvator is not your average human. He was smart, talented with computers, handsome and charming, very well built, and successful. He had the life he has always wanted and worked his butt off to get there. He had the girl of his dreams, a well paid and respected job, a nice car, a wonderful house, an angelic girlfriend who cooks and cleans for him. Everything was perfect till one winter night on his way back home. Now all he has left is his book bag, the clothes on his back, and a strange scar on his forehead he can't remember ever having. To make matters worse, something has left his mind, and he just can't figure out what exactly he has forgotten.

So yes, your everyday, simple human in equestria story. I've done my research and found a small way to make things a little different from the rest of the other ones, I might find more ways but for now here it is. The picture for this sucks but I promise I will find a new one. You have my word. If you are new to my stories then know that things aren't always what they appear to be, and for those who know me, hehehe, have fun. Sex is on there for sexual themes and rare naughty scene, that's it. (P.S Yes Discord is in here but not that much, I didn't know if I should put him there or not, so I did just to be safe)

Chapters (6)

Ponyville has been struck by a deadly plague that turns any pony that comes in contact with into zombies! Rarity is one of the few survivors left but she is running low on supplies and patience. With her sister upstairs she decides to end everything, this world of zombies, all of the horrific nightmares when ever she closes her eyes, the constant fight for survival, everything. With a final breath, she prepares to do something no sister should ever have to do.

This is a one shot story,I am stuck on my freelance story so I wrote this just for fun. It's not my best work but I saw the picture and decided to try an idea of mine. Just a quick read so enjoy it. Now if you excuse me, I am stuck on my Button Mash and Sweetie Belle Love story, and must get back to work trying to continue it, have a good day!

Chapters (1)

Button Mash has lived in Ponyville for a few months now. Still has no friends, his father is always gone for business trips, his big brother left long ago to join the guard, and now it's usually only him and his mom. His mother tries to talk him into having friends, but he knows all he needs is his joyboy and nothing else. After standing up to a certain, harsh duo of bratty fillies, the Cutie Mark Crusaders want to get to know Button Mash a bit more after seeing him stand up to them.

Ok for everyone here, yeah I know that this pairing is VERY common, I get it. But all of the ones I read put them together right off the bat. If it where a bit more realistic, they would warm up to each other first. So I decided to write my own story of it how I think it might look like. Just so everyone knows, I am not writing this for you guys, I am writing this because I want to and I think a couple of you might like it as well. I did not plan this, I didn't brain storm this, this is my pleasure only and for fun. I write this while I am learning how to be better, so writing styles may change. Hope some of you guys enjoy it, this will be a little long just so you guys know. (P.S. Wtf why isn't Button Mash on the list of character selection?! That hurts me!) Also on a side note, I feel ashamed that I do not have proof, but this story reached the special featured box. The reason why no one saw it is because it was at 1:30 in the morning and it got taken off the list after it was there for 5 minutes :fluttercry: I was so heart broken that day. Anyway, so if that get's any credit, it was there if it counts :pinkiesad2:

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A unicorn by the name of Keen Eye has traveled far and wide to find a place to start his life. He decides to settle in Ponyville and open his very own magic shop to teach magic and sell magical items and books. Sure, a few things are alittle off about him. He wears black tinted goggles all the time, has a hard time understanding colors, and doesn't let anyone touch his personal collection of books, for ANY reason. But with such a gentle colt, he must have his reasons, right? No harm in keeping a few secrets. At least until those secrets and history comes back to find him.

Chapters (12)

Neon Rave and Random Guy are 2 close friends in high school just trying to get by. But one night while talking about their future they accidentally discovered a portal to another dimension. That once they went in, they couldn't get out. And now, trapped in the world of Equestria. Trying to settle in with their new lives, they must go out to look for answers as to get back to their homeland. But maybe this is home?

Chapters (14)
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