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It seems like an ordinary day... Rainbow Dash clearing the clouds in ten seconds flat, making rainbows sparkle in the air, sitting on a cloud on her bum. But the three Wonderbolts had been spying her the morning!

They test her skills, but an incident is present and unexpected changes occur...

BONUS: A secret look at the Wonderbolts life- an in close experience!

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Pinkamena grows alive from Pinkie Pie's horror dream, and takes out revenge.

On the other hand, Twilight goes to Princess Celestia, who reveals Twilight's other half- a princess alicorn! Alicorn Twilight must stop Pinkamena and return things back to normal.

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The mane six has been friends forever and ever and ever- ever since Twilight came to Ponyville. And, they know that if they're split, the elements of harmony is no more right? Discord's back to mess that all up.

Discord wins- the round for now. The ponies are all separated, no longer friends. But Twilight's not going to fall into the dead pit; she's going to fight- fight to sacrifice her friends "no more".

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Oooh! Twilight's jealous! All her friends have found their love but Twilight. But no thanks, she'll stick to reading spells.

On a day trip to meeting Princess Celestia, she spies a handsome boy so called "Moon Swift" walking by in a royal tuxedo. Finding out he's Trixie's older brother (Not True!) , she insists she has no chance to capture his love.

I'm going to give it a try.

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"Pinkie Pie!"

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